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Zurich Travel Insurance

Zurich Travel Insurance

  • Cover single or annual trips
  • 3 levels of cover to choose from
  • A choice of optional extras including cruise, golf, business or winter sports cover

Zurich travel insurance does not provide cover for any trips made to destinations where the FCDO have advised against all travel or all but essential travel

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Type of cover
Type of cover

Single Trip cover is for one trip for the dates you have selected.

Annual Multi Trip cover is for any number of trips for the travel region you have selected. Maximum trip durations apply, please see policy documents for more details.


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Please enter the destination(s) you are travelling to.

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Travel region
Please choose a region
Check my Destinations
Travel Region

If you are unsure which region to select, please check your destination using the ‘Check my destination’ tool. Please check all countries you are travelling to so you can be sure you have selected the correct region for your trip. We cannot provide cover to areas where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or World Health Organisation advise against travel.

Travel from / to
Start / end date
From / To Date

Please enter the start and end date of your trip

Start / end date

You won’t be covered for cancellation until the start date of your policy. To be covered for cancellation straight away, select today as the start date.

Cover for
Cover For

Just you: An individual policy

You and your partner: Partner means your husband, wife or civil partner, or someone of either sex that you live with as though they were your husband, wife or civil partner.

You, your partner and your children: A family policy. Children means your children, your partner’s children and/or the grandchildren of you or your partner, including step children, step grandchildren and fostered or adopted children or grandchildren, provided that they are:

  • under 18 years old on the date cover commences (or under 22 if in full time education)
  • dependent on you or your partner (or in the case of grandchildren dependent on you or your partner or their parent(s))
  • not married or living with their partner.

You and your children: A family policy for single parents. See the definition of children above.

Travellers' Dates of Birth
Travellers dates of birth

The lead policyholder must be aged between 18 and 74. If you are aged 75 or over at the time of purchasing this policy we are unable to provide cover. In order to assist you in obtaining cover you may wish to use the ‘find a broker service’, provided by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), to search for an alternative insurance provider. Their website is

Add Date of Birth

Add Date of Birth for another traveller.

Does any person travelling who is to be insured under this policy have any medical conditions?

What does medical condition mean and when must I answer ‘Yes’? If you are unsure you should answer yes to this question. You must declare ALL existing medical conditions for all travellers to be insured under this policy.

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